Wine Cafe Rayleigh & Ramsay

Rayleigh & Ramsay offers more than 100 wines by the glass. The wines are available via our wine dispensers in three measurements; a taster (25ml), a halve glass (75ml), and a full glass (150ml). The wine dispensers are do it yourself, which means that you will be serving yourself the wines that you want, when you want it. The dispensers are used with Rayleigh & Ramsay Wine Card which is available at the bar.

In a few steps you will be able to start serving yourself.

  • Charge your wine card at the bar
  • Select one of our 100 wines
  • Slide your wine card in the dispenser
  • Grab a glass from underneath
  • Press the button of the quantity of the wine of your preference.

Next to the wines we remain a café. We serve coffee, beer, coctails and ofcourse food. 


With more than 100 wines at your disposal we understand that one might have some difficulties in choosing. To help in the selection process we organized our wines on their character in tasting profiles. There are nine tasting profiles, three for white wine, three for red wine, one for rosé, one for sparkling wines, and one for sweet/fortified wines. The profiles can be recognized by the flyers and their colors.

White wine

Fresh | Fresh, minerally, citrussy wines

Mellow | Fruity, flowery, aromatic wines

Rich | Rich, full-bodied, complex wines 

Orange wine | Made of white wine grapes with more skin contact. With bolder and savory flavours and tannin.

Red wine

Juicy | light-bodied, fruity wines

Smooth | Full-bodied, round, spicy wines

Bold | Strong, full-bodied, tannins, dark in color

Rose & sweet/fortified wines

Rosy | Varies in taste, fresh to fruity roses.

Sweet/Fortified | Fortified and sweet wines


Our staff is always willing to help you select a wine

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