The Rayleigh & Ramsay Wine card

Wine cafe Rayleigh & Ramsay boasts 100 wines and all of them are served by the glass. The wines are available in three measurements via our wine dispensers; a taste (25ml), a halve glass (75ml), and a full glass (150ml). The wine dispensers are “do it yourself”, which means that you will be serving yourself the wines that you want, when you want it. With the Rayleigh & Ramsay Wine Card you gain access to the 100 wines. Visit one of our cafes and in a few steps, you will be able to start serving yourself.

  • Charge your wine card at the bar
  • Select one of our 100 wines
  • Slide your wine card in the dispenser
  • Grab a glass from underneath
  • Press the button of the quantity of the wine of your preference

We will guild you in your experience in pouring the wines and of course the hardest part, choosing your first taste out of our 100 wines. 

By the way

  • The Rayleigh & Ramsay wine card can be personalized with your personal data. By this way you can always come in and continue with a glass of wine whenever you feel like it. The credits will remain valid and you have your personal log of the wines you have had before. 
  • The Rayleigh & Ramsay wine card can be recharged if you run out of wine. 
  • If you have any amount of credits left at the end of the day, you can return the card at the bar and the amount will be refunded in cash.